Sunday, 30 March 2014

Day One...Kittens

Today is Mothers Day in the UK so Happy Mothers Day to all mothers everywhere. 
No incidents in the night and no more kittens. So we have just the two Inky and Pinky. Parly is now buried in my garden. 

 Love these with Turblow giving hugs

 Inky and Pinky have their first fight!!
Turblow allowed my to weigh her babies Inky is 170gms 5.99oz and Pinky 150gms 5.29oz from what I found on the web the average kitten weighs 100grms so no wonder that Turblow was so BIG. I also had another quick look at their marking and they still look the same, but they are so little and wiggly plus, I don't want to upset Turblow so will look again in a few days.

We have Kittens!!

Yep! Turblow finally had her babies at 11am Saturday 29th March 2014.
On the Friday she was being even more of a nuisance than normal attached to my leg?lap for the day. Not eating and ... well lets just say the litter box was change a lot!
Friday night she hammered on the door a bit and the odd meow but not as bad as the night before. In the morning it being Saturday we did not get up until nine having listened to Turbs singing for a while my other cats were eager to go out. Thank goodness it was a nice day. Then about 10am while I was sitting with my breakfast in the living room she started to act strange and making some odd noises. Then she started to go into active labour... on my rug! I thought cats liked to do this birthing stuff in a quite dark place but Turbs wanted to give birth on the rug with the girls and I in attendance Oh, and in a ray of sunshine. I quickly got her birthing box and she was happy to go in it saving my rug from  being destroyed. At 10.45 the first head emerged and by 11am we had our first kitten.

  A few minutes later the yucky stuff and the second kitten arrived along with that's ones 'stuff'. Turbs was still cleaning the first kitten so with the corner of the towel I helped a little with the second kitten and soon both were feeding as the third kitten started to arrive. Turblow cleaned this one and as I thought all was well went to get some lunch. Sadly on my return the third kitten was not moving so I started rubbing blowing etc but nothing I even picked to poor little might up and gave it a gentle shack like they do in Bondi Vet! Still nothing so I phoned Scratching Posts for advice. I had to accept it was dead and look after the others. By now Turblow was resting while the kittens fed. It looked like labour was over but only three kittens? Turblow had been soooo BIG? Another phone call to Scratching Post and the reassured me that sometimes there can be a big gap in labour. I should add that by now my parents had arrived for moral support. Don't forget this is my first time I had watched the video's on youtube but well.....

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Still getting big big bigger!

Yep, she is still holding on to them there kittens... I'm guessing 20 LOL Now thinking she will 'blow' on Sunday as it's Mothers Day and the only day I will be out all day? Then I will not be able to leave her but not that much of a biggie we can always go out another day.
So for now a few more pictures of the none blowing Turblow!
These are from a couple of weeks ago taken on my phone

 And last week

A few days ago

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Just thought I would give your an update

NOTHING ...... Nope not a kitten to be seen!
Turblow has lived with me for three weeks today 

After three weeks stuck in one room she started to get a little fed-up so instead of confining her at the end of her pregnancy I have had to let her out!!! Only when the other cats are out in the garden though as I don't want to take any chances. How long is a cat pregnant for? Well three weeks with me a week in Scratching Posts (cat rescue) plus the people who gave her up knew she was pregnant sooooo ???
I must say I'm just a little worried but she appears fine so I guess the wait continues?

Friday, 7 March 2014

Not Updated For A Couple Of Days

Not updated for a couple of days mostly because not much has happened Turblow is still not 'blowing' LOL. I think she wants to be in the Guinness Book Of Records? 
So what section is she going for? Maybe she has a VERY large litter 19 is the largest recorded and 14 where they all survived is the record I understand?
Longest gestation is somewhere over 72 days as far as I can find out, but then as I don't have and idea when she got pregnant so that won't work. That leaves largest kittens well 5oz looks to be close? Maybe she had a Maine Coon 'boyfriend'?
I did think we might have something yesterday as she did not eat her breakfast and when I can home from taking Amy to school she was banging on the dining room door.... turns out I had forgotten to turn the TV on for her!!!! As soon as I did this she settled right down? Oh, and she escaped twice the first time she went for a wander around the living room and then when I told her she had to go back she did. The second time was the other way into the kitchen and then through to the study this was more interesting and it took a little longer to get her back into the dining room. She was safe though all doors were shut and the other cats were out otherwise I would have stopped her. Not sure about this picking her up though as the only time I have done it was when she went to the vets last week ... worried I might hurt the kittens? 
So that's it.... we still wait!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Still Waiting

Turblow has still not had her kittens! She gets bigger by the minute but still we wait. I took her to the vets on Friday to get her claws clipped. She love a lap and kneads my leg as soon as I sit down... feels like a thousand needles pinging in and out LOL Anyone who's knows me knows I'm a MAJOR needle phobic. Blow was as good as gold in the car but I could see she was not happy while at the vets, but then what animal is? Soon she was back home and you could visually see her relax.  
My girls just LOVE her as she is such a cuddle cat. She is also very clever not only will she eat with her paw and take sweets from my fingers standing up (will need to get pictures) If I ask her to show me her babies she will roll over for me to tickle her babies in her belly. 
Thought there might be some action last night as she was 'nesting' and then latter in the evening meowing a lot... but turns out she just wanted my Chinese tack out!!! No, she did not get any. 
My dad came round and we found Turblow is not so good with men. She did not run but was very wary and hid behind me. He just sat with her put his had out and waited for her to come to him while I talked gently to her. She went to him in the end but is still nervous around him. 
She has spent much of today laying on the windowsill in the warm sun. Yes, it's cold outside but warm in the sun with the radiator under the window. A few time we have spotted my other cats outside looking in at her. Sometimes when they are in they spy each other when we open the door to go in and out of the 'nursery'. No one appears to be fussed by the others so all good so far. Again I was trying to get pictures but they are away before I can grab the camera. Cats! *sigh*.

 Turblow love looking out into the garden

 Meanwhile in the living room.....

 No this chair is not normally in the living room I swapped it with an arm chair so I had somewhere nice to sit when in with Turblow
 And the beige picnic table... well we are eating in the living room until until the kittens comes. Oh, the big ginger boy is Godfrey
 Ex Scratching Post cats Izabelle and Anibelle

 Gezabelle doing her curled in a ball act!