Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Four weeks old

This first batch of picture were taken on the 20th April. No stopping them now and we have to check behind the doors before we open then now!

 Sometimes when the kids will not stop fighting you need some time out! Turbow is thankful she has a second 'bedroom'. LOL

 Spot the second kitten!

They are now weighing in at Inky 610grms and Pinky 550grms. Inky is a little piggy but likes to play more Pinky just likes to sleep LOL.

 Inky has now started to eat solid food but Pinky is not interested.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Kittens at three weeks old

On Saturday the kittens were three weeks old. they are now taking life at a run and love to fight with each other.  Another great game is killing mums tail and biting her ears! They love a cuddle and will sleep for ages on my daughters laps or around my neck! Turbow is more than happy with this as it gives her a break! LOL
These pictures were taken on 13th April through to 17th April 2014

Their weight this week Inky now weighs 500grms and Pinky is lagging behind at 470grms. It's strange as I thought Pinky looked bigger, I weighed them twice just to be sure? All I can think is Pinky runs around a lot more thank Inky?

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Kittens at TWO WEEKS

Today Inky and Pinky are two weeks old they are growing soooo fast. Now they are sitting right up and are moving around a lot more... only a matter of days and they will escape the nest. I have put soft towels all around the nesting box just in case as I don't want them hurting themselves if they fall out. They fight all the time (well when they are not eating or sleeping)

And the weight update both are now 380 grms.